Friday, September 26, 2008

Sad to see friends go...

I just wanted to write a little post to say Good Luck and See you Later (I'm not a fan of "goodbye") to the Herrin Family! I have worked with Scott for over 2 years at my current job and last week he moved his family down to San Diego. Both him and his wife, Bridget, got job offers in CA and this combined with Bridget's entire family living there (including her twin sister about to have a baby), plus having a new baby that can be spoiled by his grandparents on a daily basis - made for an easy decision. It was a quick transition and they were on the road last Thursday.

I couldn't be happier for them because ever since I have known them their main goal has been to get closer to family, especially once they had their first child this May. Gavin is the cutest little man (pictures below) and I got the opportunity to meet him on his first day at the hospital. Us ladies in the office also got to spend lots of time with him every afternoon after day care. Yes, we were spoiled here in the office to get to play with a baby everyday. He was just starting to really smile and laugh and is getting so big!

Scott was my co-worker but also a good friend to me and someone that I could talk to whenever I needed an ear to listen. I will definitely miss that around here. I will also miss his sense of humor because no matter what, he was always the one who could bring a little humor to an otherwise stressful situation. His enthusiasm and passion for his job is something that everyone could learn from.

Bridget is one of the sweetest people I know and we have a lot in common. No matter what, we always had fun together whether it was at a work function, football game or meeting for dinner...she was just a fun girl. The saddest thing to me is that we were just getting to hang out more often and then it was time for them to go!

I know I will always keep in touch with them. Like Ryan said the other night, "They are just good people. People that you want to be friends with for a long time." I wish them nothing but good luck in their new jobs as well as making the transition to sunny weather on a year round basis....yeah, like that's going to be hard! Send some of that our way this winter, would ya?

Gavin Westley Herrin...see what I mean about a cutie! Look at those eyelashes!
Scott, Bridget & Gavin. We will miss you!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

i LOVE family visits

My mom, sister Tiffany, nieces Adysen and Bayleigh (4yrs) and new nephew Parker (8wks) were in town last week for a nice long visit! I can't believe we were lucky enough to have them for an entire week, actually a few days longer than that too. We were able to do lots of fun things and just spend some much needed quality time together. My mom and sister did far too much cleaning and laundry as usual, and I am so thankful for all of their help with everything. I can't thank them enough for coming and for doing all that they do. I hope they know how much I appreciate them being here at just the right time.

The kiddos are getting SO big. Parker is the happiest little guy and his smile brightens up every room. All you have to do is talk to him and he coos and smiles at you like you are about to give him a cookie :) Ok, a little early for cookies I know, but you get the idea. He is such a talker.

The girlies are getting so grown up. They LOVE their baby brother so much and they are so cute with him, always wanting to give him little kisses and hugs. They are so very creative and their imaginations continue to amaze me. They are still very connected to each other and I'm sure this will always be the case. Adysen and Bayleigh had a big part in my birthday party and I will post more on this soon!

One of my favorite moments of the entire week was the 1st morning they were here. I got out of bed for a few minutes early in the morning before Ry and I had to get up and when I came back Adysen and Bayleigh were crawling in bed with us. Bayleigh decided not to stay because she couldn't get the spot that she wanted, but Adysen snuggled with us for about 30 minutes before Ry had to get up. When he was about to leave he came in to give us each a kiss and when he hugged her she said, "don't forget to go give Bayleigh a kiss too." It was the sweetest thing. Ahh twins...

I was so sad to see them go when it was time (I always have the worst time with goodbyes) but I feel so very lucky that they were able to come and that my dad and brother in law are very understanding men to let me keep their wives and kids/grandkids for so long! I love you guys...all of you!

Oregon Coast Weekend with the fam

A few weeks ago my mom, dad and little brother took a trip to the Oregon Coast for my dad's 51st birthday! I had to work Saturday so Ryan and I joined the fam Saturday evening in Seaside. It was Labor Day weekend so we were able to stay until Monday evening and we had such a great time. My parents rented an awesome townhouse a few blocks from downtown Seaside and we went to the arcade, went out for a great dinner, went surfing, BBQ'd steaks, spent the afternoon walking around Cannon Beach and had wonderful Tillamook ice cream cones and strolled along the beach checking out possible rental spots for next year!

Here are a few pics from the weekend!

Posing in fun and funky hats at the hat store! The feather was my favorite :)

The hubby and brother, TJ, toasting their raw oysters. This was TJ's first experience with uncooked oysters and he said, I quote "It tasted like I just swallowed a big loogie." It was pretty cute.

Me and the parents at dinner. I know mom doesn't like this picture, but we actually got a big SMILE on dad so I had to throw it in! Mom and I enjoying the weather on the last day at the beach house. Can't wait to go back!