Monday, July 13, 2009

Week 16 Update...A few surprises!

We had our 1st doctor's appointment at the Perinatal Center last Wednesday which made for a very exciting week! It included an ultrasound with a new tech and was the most detailed ultrasound we have ever had...measuring every little bone in their bodies. I was so nervous of what they might find or say was wrong but so far so good. Everything appears to be going well and both babies are healthy and right on track. We got to stare at them for about an hour! The clinic was really nice and I think they are going to take really good care of us there - very thorough that's for sure!

The babies were very active as usual and the quality is much better on these machines than our last ones so every movement was amazing to see. I had just seen them 2 weeks ago, but they have grown SO much again...which I guess I shouldn't be surprised about each time :) These little ones are changing fast and the doctor actually moved my due date up a week and 2 days because of it. The babies have been measuring slightly ahead of what they thought my due date was from the beginning but they wanted to wait until I got to this clinic to change it if need be. So that was the 1st of a few surprises.

Next came the big one, or two I guess I should say. First of all, Baby B is 100% confirmed a boy! We did not plan on finding anything out last week and I really didn't think we would be able to see anything but let me tell you, this little man wanted us to know what he was! He showed us more than a few times that he was a boy if you know what I mean :) He is the one on the left that always stands on his head, hides and acts silly and for some reason I have called him a "he" the whole time. Guess it was for good reason! My mom said that is my mother's intuition coming through :)

So, after that news the tech did some more measurements on the little guy's sibling. At this point the tech is 85% sure Baby A is a girl! He said he couldn't get the perfect shot to prove it but based on his measurements and what she (at least he thinks so) is looking like...he thinks we have a little lady in there too! We have our next ultrasound on August 7th for some more testing and will confirm everything then, but for now it is SO fun to think about! There is still a slight chance that it could be 2 boys, which we would absolutely love also, but just knowing a little bit has made everything so much more real. I still can't believe it's all happening and am so appreciative to have healthy babies.

So, today I am 16 weeks. My new due date is December 28th, 2009, which means if I can carry them to 38 weeks which is the goal they are estimated to arrive sometime around December 14th. 36 weeks would be November 30th. I want them hanging in there as LONG as possible so I am going to be praying for December babies.

Sharing all of the news so far has been an incredible experience. We have been waiting for these moments. Telling our families about our surprise of a boy and possible girl was so much fun. This will be the 1st boy grandson on Ryan's side of the family out of 5 grandkids so everyone was over the moon to add a boy into the mix. See his 1st Football below :) On the Tripp side we have the twin girls and 1 little Mr. Parker so he will be happy to have a playmate! The girls had decided over 4th of July weekend that 1 boy and 1 girl would be best because it would be a girl for them to play with and a boy for Parker too so they just might have got their wish. Many people have predicted a boy and girl combo since the beginning (including my mom from day 1) and a few are rarely wrong...shout out to Trevor Rollinger for most likely his next correct prediction - I believe he is in the 20's now for picking right! We will find out for sure on August 7th so stay tuned!

I don't mean to be too sappy in this post but I have to say that I am overjoyed with being pregnant. Each day is new and exciting and I feel so fortunate for each experience as I didn't know if we would ever get to go through this. I look at life so much differently now and I love the way that I see things. I can't wait to share more as we go and to introduce you all to our new family. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for us and I am happy to report that all is going well!

There are two things in life for which we are never truly prepared: twins. ~Josh Billings :)

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Anonymous said...

Deyna we are so excited for you. I can't wait to
meet these little ones who are bound to
be adorable....look at their parents. Also, just because Trev predicted their sex does not mean you need to name them
after me!! :)