Sunday, November 15, 2009

Where we are now...

So I wrote last week with the intention of updating on all sorts of things - which I hope to come back to soon. But, for now my focus is going to be on my family and how things with our pregnancy and babies are going. I have been trying to keep everyone in the loop as best as I can and Ry brought in our lap top last night so I thought this might help also and give me a connection with the outside world! It has been a scary, emotional, roller coaster of a week so far and I really appreciate everyone's support. Sorry if this is a lot of information all at once.

My original due date is January 6th, so going off of that we are 32 weeks and 4 days along today. My doctor had moved my due date up to December 28th a while back because of the babies growth but it was decided to go back to the original date for the remainder of my pregnancy and for scheduling since we will be having a c-section. So, I hit 32 weeks this last week and went in to Good Samaritan Hospital on Wednesday for my 1st scheduled Non-Stress Test, checking for the babies movements and to see if I was contracting. As most people know, I have been on bed rest or modified bed rest for a while now so I have been laying low and trying to do everything I can to help keep these babies growing. Well, something wasn't working I guess! I knew I hadn't been feeling quite right but I've never had a baby before so I didn't know what to expect!

We checked in for my appointment at 1pm and they immediately picked up contractions on my scan. They started a few different medications to try and stop them and none of them seemed to be working. So, things progressed pretty quickly and I was admitted. My doctor came by and I had dialated to 1.5cm (sorry if that's TMI for anyone) so it was decided to put me on an IV of the heaviest meds they could give me to stop labor and gave me steroid injections to help the babies development if they were to need to be born. Talk about a change of plans from thinking we had anywhere from 4-6 weeks to go. Good Sam Hospital doesn't have a qualifued NICU to deliver babies before 36 weeks, so I was transferred to St. Vincent Hospital for them to take over from there. The IV meds had to run through my system for 48 hours so they constantly monitored me and the babies throughout and finished the 2nd round of meds for the babies development. They were able to get my contractions to slow down from what they were and got them to hold at about 6-8 per hour and as far as I know my dialation has stayed the same also. I did the full amount of the meds I could do so now they have me on a combination of pills/shots every 6 hours to keep me to that amount. They are still monitoring everything and these active babies still look great...they just need to keep my body doing what it's doing now - but no more than that for as long as it can! Once they give you the full IV dose once they aren't able to do it again so if things progress they can no longer stop it from here on out.

On a super positive note, we had an ultrasound on Friday afternoon to check the babies' growth and we found out they are both over 4.5 pounds at least! Once nurse came in and said she thought she saw that he measured 4.11 oz and she was 4.7 oz. Either way we were very excited to hear these results and so were the doctors. They seemed happy that even if they do have to come very soon, at least they would be on the larger size for 32/33 week twins. Very good news!

So, now we are waiting until sometime tomorrow to see my doctor again and get a plan of action. We are just trying to do what we can do prepare ourselves for any possible situation. I just want to be able to take our babies home as soon as possible after they are born. Obviously the sooner the babies are born the more problems they could potentially have so as it is exciting to think about meeting our babies soon, I want to keep them growing and put off their birthday as long as possible...I'm still hoping for December babies and am keeping that my ultimate goal!

All of the doctor's that have been working together with us have been great and are hopeful that we will make it anywhere from at least another week or as long as 2.5 more weeks if at all possible to get to 34 weeks. The plan has changed so many times now to be honest I am really looking forward to tomorrow to see my actual doctor again and get the real deal. Each time a new nurse comes in they talk about a new plan of action and it ranges from the babies coming by this Wednesday to keeping me here on medication until hopefully December 1st. So, now we wait....

I will update more as I know more or possibly have someone update for me if need be. Thank you for all of your concern, messages and phone calls. We love you all and really appreciate hearing from all of you. Hopefully tomorrow will bring good news.

" Never let go of hope. One day you will see that it has finally come together. What you have always wished for has finally come to be. You will look back and laugh at what has passed and you will ask yourself..."How did I get through all of that?"-Anonymous

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