Friday, November 30, 2007

Find the Pickle!

Apparently we have all been missing out on this tradition - I'm hoping to add this to our family Christmas tree someday...

"The glass pickle ornaments are the oddest German ornaments of all. For those who know the pickle story and for those who participate in hanging the pickle, it has become a welcomed addition to the present unwrapping dilemma of who is first. The glass pickle ornament is always the last one to be hung on the tree. The parents would carefully hide the pickle in the tree among the other decorations. When the children were allowed to view the Christmas tree decorated, they would begin gleefully searching the tree for the Pickle ornament. The children knew that whoever found the pickle first would receive an extra little gift and would begin the unwrapping of the Christmas gifts. The pickle and other German glass ornaments have become keepsakes that will be handed down to future generations."


Anonymous said...

Deyn, I think this sounds like fun! I can imagine dad would want to play though and not hide it for us. I can also imagine it would get pretty competative with everyone, but hey what's any holiday with out a little competition. Love ya, Tiffany

LORIE said...

I love this idea. . . . I can totally see your dad doing this!!! As a side note to Tiffany, Isn't that an oxymoron with your family. . . LITTLE compeittion? (Especially with Ryan in the family now).

Love you! L.