Sunday, November 11, 2007

the girlies

My nieces, Adysen & Bayleigh, are 3 years old and are the funniest, craziest, smartest, silliest, most loving little girls I could ever imagine to have in my life. They keep my sister very busy and tend to test her patience :) but she is the most amazing mother and they are extremely lucky to have her and her husband as their parents. Ryan and I have learned so much from them and are thank ful that we are surrounded by so many good examples of what it means to be a great parent. We are going to be in good shape when it comes time for us to start a family!
My mother, sister and the girls were able to come visit us last weekend and it was SO nice to see them. The girls have such amazing imaginations and they care so much about each other. It is incredible to see how much they are alike, but so different at the same time. They have developed their own personalities and I love watching them grow and learn about life. They are very into playing with their "babies" and name every stuffed animal they own. You should hear some of the names they come up with. They even like to name each other sometimes and ask us to call them by thoses names...Bayleigh was "Larry" for one afternoon :) Here are a few pictures of what they have been up to!
Best friends! Helping clean up the day after our wedding. They look so grown up!
Hello Kitty for Halloween this year. Their costumes were so cute - they trick or treated at our house when they came down last weekend so we could see their outfits.
My sister's little "mini-me". It's amazing how much Adysen looks like her. Look at that amazing smile!
Bayleigh Louise - trying her long underwear on her head. I love her goofiness...I think she might get that from her Auntie :)


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I can't believe how big the girls are now! I remember the first time meeting your sister in the Stott at PSU; she had the girls in her tummy. One of the first times you called me was over Christmas break during my first year at PSU and you told me your sister was pregnant, and then you called the next day to say she was having twins.

I remember on June 21st you called to say they Tiffany was having the girls. It seems like so long ago, but it also seems like yesterday. Those girls are so loved and they are so sweet.

Eischens said...

Sooo cute! How fun to have twin nieces! Like Megs, I remember when they were just born and they crashed at your house at Greenbrier! It all goes by so fast.

LORIE said...

Deyna: I am fortunate because I get to see them whenever I want! They are the sweetest!!! I love 'em and I say "AMEN" to Tiffany's parenting.

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