Sunday, December 30, 2007

2007 - A Year in Review

January: Went bowling with the in-laws for New Years 2007. In bed before the ball dropped...haha. Finished crummy medical treatment - I can't believe it's been a year now! Thank you to everyone who helped me make it through.
February: Celebrated Deyna's Day February 15th :) Thank you Ry. Went looking at houses for the 1st time on Valentines Day.
March: Closed on our new house - Entered the world of mortgage payments and more bills than I had ever seen! Wow. But well worth it.

April: Celebrated our engagement anniversary April 19th...only a few months until the big day went down! Mal and Jared came down to visit for Mal's B-day.
May: I Moved out of Portland to Beaverton. Goodbye to Greenbriar Village after all of the years (happy, but sad moment). Thank you to everyone who helped us get things in order. Spent some time living alone listening to every noise the house made and singing my heart out in the shower :) Pookie's 1st birthday.
June: Had two awesome wedding in Portland and one in Colville. Interviewed for a promotion at work. The girlies turned 3! So grown up...July: Got a promotion at work. Got to spend a week in Colville - hadn't done that in a few years. Married my best friend in WA on 7.21.07. Had an awesome party :) Saw more people together in one place than in my entire life! I loved it. Went to Mexico for the 1st time - had an interesting (we won't go back), but great time! haha...4 days without a suitcase anyone?? Quite a few stories to tell.
August: Ryan and I moved in together! He started putting his shoes in front of the closet instead of IN the closet. Biggest pet peeve to date! hehe. Got to celebrate with Dad on his 50th Birthday!! September: Celebrated all of the Brown Family birthdays. Mal and Jackie surprised me with a visit for my birthday (Ryan helped)! I was SO surprised. Sang at the PSU Home opener...biggest crowd I had ever performed for. October: Got our first Trick or Treaters! Ryan got a new job/promotion at work on his way to becoming a PGE Lineman. Ryan worked his first 24+ hour shift...I don't know how he does it!
November: Ryan shot his first deer. "Uncle Ryan shot a deer with big horns". Spent Thanksgiving in Colville. Learned we were going to have another niece or nephew on the Tripp side in July (Tiff is due July 3rd).
December: Meg and Trev's wedding. Beautiful and Fun at The Old Church! Gayle's baby shower. We are all grown up :)Became future Godparents. Had an early holiday in Colville and my first Christmas away from my family in Tigard, OR. Christmas with the Browns. Found out we were going to have another new niece or nephew on the Brown side in August! Pookie #2 :)
To all those reading this: Thank you for sharing such a BUSY and wonderful year with Ry and I. This was a year of firsts for us and we wouldn't have made it through all of the major changes in our lives without all of your help and support. We LOVE you all very much. Looking forward to health and happiness in 2008.


LORIE said...

I absolutely love that picture of your dad! It made me laugh!!!! I love you and your family!

Anonymous said...

I love it that we got engaged on the same day just 1 year apart....