Thursday, December 27, 2007

things on my mind...

-My house is SUPER clean at the moment and I LOVE that feeling. I even made my bed this morning.
-I wish my husband didn't work so much - as I sit here all alone at 11:00pm :( - but I know he really loves what he is doing. I'm just a worrier...
-I miss my pregnant sister and her already growing tummy -Baby Fred :)
-Work is driving me crazy everyday, yet I still like what I'm doing - as weird as that is.
-When do I need to take down my Christmas tree? I want to keep Christmas around...
-My nieces are the funniest girls in the entire world. I wish I could see them right now. I wish they could tell me a bedtime story.
-Ryan and I are ROCKSTARS -we have a band called the BROWNIE$ on guitar hero. hehe...big kids.
-I need to remember to pay a few bills tomorrow. Sometimes I hate being an adult.
-I think I'm ready for warm weather again. Bring on the spring already...
-Tyra Banks is weird. Late night television is not impressive.
-We are going to Vegas in 3 weeks for Megan and Joes wedding!
-Baby Simone Sideris is almost here!
-What are we going to do for New Years?? I can't believe it is almost 2008...weird!
-I need to remember to take my vitamins everyday. Thanks for the Flinstones Mama.
-It seems like everyone is having, friends, boom!
-I love music. I wouldn't make it without it. So many good songs out right now...
-Ryan still isn't home yet...still worried but have to sleep. About to call mom and chat :)

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Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog. You always have good things to say. I can picture you sitting on your bed, computer in your lap tank top and shorts-or just a big t shirt, with a bowl of ice cream (Maybe) but at least a glass of water, flipping through the channels and looking around the internet....downloading songs???? Miss you D. Have a great week! Have fun on Saturday....I expect a full report.