Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Little Things

You know how you have those days/weeks that just seem to be loaded with stress? I know it's all relative - one person's stress is another's holiday and people might look at me and wonder why I am the way I am - but I've had one of those weeks...and it's only Wednesday (not to mention Monday was a holiday..ha). I was talking with Grandma Brown this past weekend and she told me that everything is going to be fine if I can learn not to stress. Like my mother in law said following that comment...telling me not to worry or stress is like telling me to stop breathing. I was just born a natural worrier - thanks mom!

With a major event coming up at work and a VERY busy month ahead of me, I decided to do a little research on stress. I found that it takes a million years for one gene to change in our bodies. One million years! Physiologically, we're the same humans we were 300 years ago. But look at how things have changed in that short time. Some things make life easier now: washers and dryers, transportation, abundance of food, electricity, etc. But some things make life today more insane: cell phones, traffic, increased population, TV, busy schedules. I heard a statistic that we make more decisions in one day than people used to make in a year. No wonder I'm stressed out :)

Research says that since we can't change our genes, we have to create a map to navigate this crazy life. What can I do to try and stay on top of the stress so it doesn't affect my health and happiness (and those of others around me when I can't sleep and wake people up in the middle of the night..ha)??

My mom always tells me that the only person that can change the way I feel is me. SO, I'm going to focus on working on the little things that can make a big difference.

1. Take my Vitamins - I made a vow to remember to take my medicine and vitamins everyday in order to help myself be as healthy and as full of energy as possible. When I don't feel good I start to think I will never get anything done.

2. Eat More Often - I would really like to get into the habit of cooking "real food" more often for Ry and I as well as eating more throughout the day at work. Even if I don't have a lot of time and it is just a granola bar, there should always be a few minutes to take a break.

3. Notice. I need to try not to let the stress overtake me. It is helpful when I am able to recognize the situations that cause the stress and notice them coming my way. Sometimes I take on more than I can handle because it just feels right, even when I know it will cause more stress later on.

4. Get it off my chest. Stop saying "I'm fine" when I talk to friends, family members or co-workers. Sometimes just getting it off my chest can help unload some of the burden...even if I think it is just something little or silly.

5. Keep my sense of humor. I will try to see the irony and humor in the things that I can not change. Going through life without as many smiles as normal is never fun.

6. Ask myself, "What's the hurry?" Have some fun. Sometimes I feel like we just miss enjoying the moment. I'm only 24. Everything happens for a reason and their is a time and place for everything.

7. Take a deep breath. Lately I have realized that sometimes I just need to get away, even if it is only for a few minutes, to be with myself and my thoughts. The internet suggested take to take a walk, meditate, lock yourself away in a beautiful bath, or go to church. Find the peace and the silence.

8. Keep it simple. Simplify all of the things that I am trying to do. Do I really need to worry about trying to finish unpacking a few random boxes in the office right now? No, they will still be there in a few days...even though walking by and looking at them sitting there bothers me :)

9. Drink water. Everyone gets on my about staying hydrated, so I am going to try and do a better job of getting on myself so they won't have to.


connie said...

We love you and know that everything will be fine. Just remember to live in the moment. You have no control over what tomorrow will bring.
Love, Auntie Connie and Morgan

LORIE said...

Nice post. . . thanks for the reminders. Thinking of you! Miss you. How was the wedding?

Annis said...

You write very well.