Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Lately I Like/LOVE:
-to watch Law & Order SVU re-runs, Gossip Girl, New season of One Tree Hill
-my black boots I got for Christmas
-anything and everything graphic design at work (new hobby)
-to download CD's that aren't played on the radio
-Camisole pj's
-Sonic's Watermelon Creamslush Smoothies
-skirts with tights
-the book I'm reading "Come Back"
-Ryan's sweatpants
-Rockstar Drums
- Super addicting!
-getting auction items for my work fundraiser in Feb.
-warm cold here
-when friends visit my office for coffee, lunch or just a "hello"
-Better Homes and Gardens Magazine -such cute ideas
-painting my fingernails
-Solitare on my Treo

Things I could live without:
-the hunting channel...sorry Ry
-RAIN! and/or snow/sleet/'s just not the same as home
-Watching the news
-The Wind- especially when Ryan is working
-Junk Mail
-Grey's Anatomy re-runs...End the writers strike!
-not getting enough sleep
-people being rude for no!
-being in the airport for a bit - no more layovers
-LAUNDRY...I love clothes, but I dislike putting them away :)

1 comment:

LORIE said...

I bought a new heather gray sweater dress and thought of you when I bought it. . .everything gray.

I am right there with you in regards to the hunting channel.