Friday, March 14, 2008

Must see...

I just watched what is now my favorite movie - I say for now because I tend change my favorites a lot - It is called Dan in Real Life. I had been wanting to see it ever since I saw the previews and have been needing a good "life" movie. I loved it. It is a comedy about love, life, family and all of the crazy things each of those can bring. It is completely down to earth and I laughed out loud (by myself by the way), cried a few times and caught myself smiling through most of it. A perfect combination.

I have been missing my family A LOT lately and find myself emotional at times for a number of reasons. This movie was just what I needed and I would highly recommend it. Steve Carell, the main character, has such a great sense of humor and it is natural humor, not the forced, scripted humor that you find in most comedies. He reminds me a lot of my dad for so many reasons...that's a compliment by the way Dad. Not necessarily his looks, even though they do kind of resemble each other in some ways, but more his personality. In the movie, Steve constantly tries to relate to his 3 daughters after his wife passes away. It made me realize just how hard it must be for dads to understand us girls/women sometimes. Good thing we have mom to help translate when needed :) Then again, their are those things Dad understands more than anyone else....and he does give the worlds best back rub! "Back rub, Back rub!!" Moral of the story, I miss and love my family very much and I feel very lucky that I have both sides of the equation to put up with me!

PS- For some reason, I think that if you put together Steve Martin, Tom Hanks, Steve Carell and Richard Gere you would come up with my dad...weird I know, but whenever I watch movies with these actors in them, some part of them reminds me of him. Dad, you must have been an actor in a past life! Mom, you are a lucky lady...being married to a movie star and all :)

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LORIE said...

Your description of your dad is perfect!! I have been in awe over his relationship with you and Tiffany. For someone who in not very emoting, you're dad does emote when he is showing his love to his kids. I enjoy observing that side of him!