Monday, March 3, 2008

Wine and Roses - Thank You

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Now that the dust has almost settled and I am starting to get things back to normal - whatever that might be :) - I wanted to finally post a few pics from Wine and Roses. I know I have already talked about it with many of you, but it went really well and I was very pleased with the outcome. The look of the Stott Center and the way that the decor turned out was more than I had imagined it could be. I was SO excited to finally see it all come together. My favorite part of the entire event was seeing the looks on people's faces when they entered the gym. It definitly didn't look like the place that we will play basketball tomorrow night! I loved it.

Working on this event was stressful, tiring and a lot of work - but I had so much fun seeing all of our work pay off and I loved what I was doing. The event was very successful in terms of money. We went over our fund raising goal and raised $60k more than last year. The best thing was that people have been talking about how enjoyable it was. I wanted the event to be successful, but also something people would look forward to next year. Everyone keeps giving us a hard time in the office, telling us that we have set ourselves up for much more work next year...which I am sad to say is already being talked about this week! Our Athletic Director loves to give us VERY LARGE goals, which I enjoy because I love a challenge, but it can be intimidating at times. I am looking forward to taking a day off next week, or two or three :) Let's hope I can do it!

I want to thank everyone for being so supportive of me throughout my learning process this year. Their were so many things that were new to me this year and I'm sorry for boring many of you with "work talk"...especially in the last few months. Thank you Meg for checking in with me and being so supportive of everything I am doing. It means so much to me. I love my book! Thank you Mom and Dad for coming to the event again and supporting me. It meant SO much to have you there, even if I didn't get to see you very much. Just knowing you were there allowed me to stay much more relaxed than I would have been. You have helped me throughout all of this more than you probably know. Sorry for keeping you up so late! Thank you Ry for understanding and putting up with my late nights, especially when I didn't plan on spending so much time at the office. I appreciate you being there for me and for showing that you were proud of me over and over again. You looked super handsome! I love you.

Also, I know my boss or anyone in my office probably doesn't read this, but they understand that I like a challenge and a few of them have pushed me and helped me to make this event what I imagined it to be this year. I could never take all of the credit for pulling everything off. It has been so nice to have a good "coach" in the office to help me decide what I want to get out of my job. So many people, hours and volunteer help went into this process and I wish everyone knew how thankful I am for everything.

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LORIE said...

I understand you kicked ass!!!! Love you.