Thursday, February 14, 2008

Deyna's Day

Ryan and I spent our very 1st Valentine's Day miserably sick with the flu, watching cartoons, talking about how neither of us had really ever been that into the holiday. After that we decided that we weren't going to make a big deal out of it because we agreed that it didn't matter to either of us. The following year, I still thought he might do something even though we had clearly made our choice, but he did card, no flowers, nothing. I was a little disappointed because what girl doesn't like flowers, but reminded myself it was our decision. The next day, he showed up at my apartment with roses and asked me out on a date for what he called "Deyna's Day". Valentine's Day was too predictable for him - he knew that I would still be expecting him to do something. Anyone that knows Ryan, knows he can't handle parking lots and busy places/ going out the day after Valentine's Day when their aren't as many people out and about is more his cup of tea. Not to mention the flowers were half the price of the day before :) He's a clever little fella. So, that's the story of Deyna's Day that we will be celebrating on Friday!
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I put together a little slideshow of pics from us throughout the last six years that we have known each other. It was limited in the amount of pictures that I could include, so I had to leave about a million out :) I love you Ry. Thanks for always making me smile and being my perfect non-Valentine.


LORIE said...

I love that you two have Deyna's DAY!! I think everyday should be LORIE's DAY! Just kidding. . . .but I do like the idea of creating a random day for Lorie's day! Good Skill on your event this weekend! I will be thinking positive, organized, go your way thoughts! Think of boy names!

Eischens said...
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Eischens said...

You guys are soooo cute! I loved looking at the pictures :) Miss you lots.

Anonymous said...

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