Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Operation "Clean the Garage"

I wanted to give a shout out to my parents and make sure they know I think they are the best in the entire world! Not only did they drive down to Portland last weekend to come to Wine & Roses (which I will post pics of soon) and support me, but they were here a few days early because of a work meeting in Olympia so they decided to clean and organize our garage! Something that my mom and I discussed on the phone last week and then they made it a reality. I felt so bad because the 3 of them had to do all of the work because I wasn't home much, but they still insisted on doing something to help.

When we first moved into our home, we thought we had SO much space in the kitchen. But, a few boxes of wedding presents later and the combination of all of our random kitchen stuff that we each already had and we have been hurting for space. It sounds crazy for only two people to take up so much room, but somehow we have managed to do it.

So, instead of taking the extra time to relax like they easily could have done, my mom mentioned it to my dad and they went into what I like to call “Project Mode”. They had everything done in a few days and the garage looks amazing (hopefully I can take some pictures soon! I’m sure you are all dying to see pictures of a garage…haha). Everything has a shelf or space and there is nothing on the floor so I can park in it with ease now! Sorry Ryan for hogging the space! Thank you Mom and Dad from Ry and I…I would love to say that we will return the favor in your garage, but #1 – It is already clean, and #2 - If we tried to go through Dad’s stuff and get rid of anything, we all know he would put it right back! Hopefully we can come up with something that we can do for you guys soon – as long as it doesn’t involve painting, because we all know I’m really bad at it! We Love You!

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LORIE said...

ahem. ... . I have a garage. . . ummmm. . . that needs cleaned. haha! When are you coming home???