Monday, February 4, 2008

Our Kiddos

Ryan and I are blessed to have 3 nieces and 1 goddaughter in our lives and we couldn't love all of them more. You have probably heard me mention them ALOT! In 5 months we will have another new niece or nephew (they find out on the 13th) in Colville, and in about 7 months we will have another new little one in Hawaii! So many beautiful girls that make our lives so much more fun - It will be exciting to see if anyone has a boy! Until we have kids of our own to brag about :) here is an update on our growing families: The Newest Addition: Little Simone Alexis was born on January 26th and is now home and growing strong and healthy with Patrick and Gayle. Gayle did such an amazing job throughout her birth and toughing out a few days in the hospital - even with the bad food, right Mama :) She is recovering really well and I have been so lucky to get to spend quality time with the three of them as they get used to this new life. I even got to have Gayle and Simone as my lunch dates last week! I haven't seen them since Saturday now and I miss them already. It has been so fun to get to spend this time with Gayle. Busy lives and schedules have kept us from seeing each other as much as we would like to. It is so amazing to see her as a mom. She was the 1st person I met when I came to Portland and knocked on our apartment door 6 years ago. Remember that Mom and Dad? I was so nervous in the beginning but then I started talking a million miles an hour and I know Gayle thought I was annoying..haha. The fun thing is that Ryan and Pat have also known each other longer than even we have. They were friends before we ever came along. We have been through so much together and Ryan and I were more than happy to accept when they asked us to be Simone's godparents.
Miss Kaley Pookie: Kaley will be 2 in May and we were so happy that we got to see her over Christmas and recently in Las Vegas at Auntie Megan and Uncle Joe's wedding. She is getting so big and is starting to talk so much more. Her favorite word is "car" which comes out more like "caa" and she uses it to describe EVERYTHING! She calls us "Ry Ry and Auntie Neyna". She is so sweet and funny and I love the time that I get to spend with her. She has the greatest laugh and she is a little ham...she knows she is so funny! She is a big flirt and remembers us now when we see her, which is really fun. I have to admit that I think she has a soft spot for her Uncles. My favorite thing is when she does something funny and then laughs outloud at herself. I love it! She loves to play tag or hide and go seek and do horsie rides with me. I wish we were able to spend more time with the Javier family - we can't wait for the new addition this summer. Yay for another Virgo in the Brown family :) I hope we can make it over the ocean to visit them someday!

The Girlies: Adysen and Bayleigh will be 4 in June (I can't believe it)- right before their new sibling is born. Bayleigh calls the new baby Freddy and thinks it's a boy. Adysen calls her Daffeny and thinks it's a girl. Lately they are really into their babies and just had their first dentist appointments. They told me that they got "big girl toothpaste" and were going to save their "baby toothpaste" for the new baby. Recently, I talked to Adysen on the phone for 45 minutes! Bayleigh doesn't care much for the telephone, unless you catch her on a good night. Every now and then it works...unless she is tired or eating or doesn't feel good or her arm hurts...haha. She is really into excuses right now :) We love them so much and hope they will come visit us very soon....hint hint!

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LORIE said...

Deyn: Congrats on a day in bed. . . also for becoming Godparents. I have some pretty wonderful Godparents for my kids too! I liked this post. Love you and miss you!