Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Baby Shower Weekend

Last weekend I went home for my sister's baby shower. We weren't sure if we would get a good turn out because it was a 3-day weekend, but a lot of people came and it went really well! Tiff has decorated her nursery with a fish theme (really cute by the way) so we decided to go with that theme for the shower. We made fish shaped ice cubes for one of the games, had teal blue punch with fish floating in it and matching blue jello, gold fish crackers, gummy worms for bait :), and lots of yummy desserts - including my favorite...Special K bars! We decorated my mom's patio with red and blue sheets and table cloths and mom even found some red and white rope to tie the curtains off to look like a sailboat. We put the presents in one of my mom's chests with a fishing net so it looked like a treasure chest. My favorite little touch was the fishing pole centerpieces that my mom made...a red flower with a little stick with fishing line and a fish made out of metallic stickers hanging on the end. She is creative! I hope my sister was pleased with everything! Here are a few of my favorite pics from the weekend:

Adysen in her favorite Princess dress striking a pose...not uncommon for her! She loves the camera...and that dress.

Doing a little reading with the girlies on the step to their new bedroom.

Mom set up a big coloring space for the girls, but i think the boys had more fun with it. Dad drew a logging truck that was pretty impressive :)

My husband is a really good uncle! We played a little dress-up with the girls and I didn't get this picture until after he had already taken off all of the play jewelry. Dang!
Here is the patio where we had the shower. Thank goodness the weather held out! It was so fun to see a lot of family and friends that I don't see very often.
Me and my sis. She doesn't seem that big to me because she was so much bigger last time with the twins but everyone has been giving her a lot of slack about her size. I think she looks pretty dang beautiful. She has so many cute maternity clothes.
This was Bayleigh's hunting outfit. She ran upstairs and got dressed because she said she had to go hunting for some deer. The recorder was her weapon, the socks on her arms were her hunting gloves and she even put her camo pants on so they wouldn't see her. She is one funny girl.

Their were quite a few kids there and they really enjoyed the trampoline. We also set up a fishing game (where you throw the pole over and someone puts a toy on the other end) and that went over really well! It was fun to see all of the kids running around and playing together while all of us adults watching Tiff open presents and play games.

All in all it was a good weekend. I was able to spend time relaxing with the family and watching the girls run circles around each other. Ryan got to spend some good quality time with Dad and Steve and we even got to see TJ for a bit on Monday. I'm looking forward to my next trip home in June for TJ's graduation already. I hope everyone enjoyed their 3-day break!

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you and your mom sure know how to throw I looks awesome...but then again I wouldn't expect anything less.