Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nothing like going home...

We are going home (home as in Colville) today!! I am grateful because we weren't originally going to be able to go until tomorrow, but Ryan decided he could take tomorrow off so I am too and we are flying up late this evening. I'm looking forward to this visit for a number of reasons:
5. the main reason we are going: Tiff's baby shower on's a boy! I'm excited to see family and friends that I haven't seen in a while
4. now we will get to spend an extra day with Adysen and Bayleigh tomorrow when we babysit them while my sister is at work
3. Ryan will get some "guy time" this weekend with my dad and brother in law
2. We will both get Friday and Monday off from work...need I say more!
AND the #1 reason I am looking forward to the visit... is their is NOTHING like getting to spend time with family and those special people that can always make you feel better. I have been feeling pretty crummy healthwise lately and the thought of being surrounded by family makes me feel better already. Now if we could only get that nice weather back that we had last weekend we would be in good shape!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Weekend!

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Eischens said...

Yah I hear ya...I miss my family! I hope you took some pictures and can share them with us!!