Sunday, November 9, 2008

PGE Bowling Night

Last night was PGE's Monte Carlo Bowling Night. They put these bowling nights together every few months to get everyone together with their familes for a little fun. You bowl to try to win money (I only won $1..better than nothing right?). My claim to fame last night was that I beat Ry 3 games in a row! That is almost unheard of. All of the wives/girlfriends were beating the men! It was funny. I bowled over 100 all 3 games. I can't tell you the last time I bowled a 150! I was feelin lucky. I even got picked to spin the lucky wheel of prizes...but I only walked away with a free soda from the concession stand! I'll take it.

Me & my free soda :) PS- I got a hair cut. I haven't really seen anyone yet!
The whole gang. These are all men that Ryan works with at PGE and their families. I have been having fun getting to know everyone over the past few years. It's hard because they get together a lot and with my busy schedule I am not always able to go. Although lately I have been able to be there a lot more. They all get along so well and like what they do. It's really fun to see that because you can tell that they are friends as well as co-workers. I'm so proud of Ryan and happy that he has found something that he loves and a group of people that love and appreciate him too.

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