Monday, June 30, 2008

Portland Livestrong Challenge

Last weekend my very good friend Lorie and her boyfriend, Matt, came down to Portland to ride in the Livestrong Challenge. They stayed at our house, which worked out perfect because the dinner and the start/finish of the ride took place at Nike. In order to ride in the 40, 70, or 100 mile ride each participant had to raise at least $250 to go to the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Lorie raised $5,075 and also wrote a grant and they will be matching the amount she raised - bringing her total to $10, 150!! Isn't that incredible?!

Lorie has been battling cancer in many different forms for more than a few years. She has been a champion and has stayed very strong for her 4 kids throughout everything. I was fortunate enough to attend the Livestrong dinner at Nike on Saturday evening with Lorie, Matt, Dave and Debra..another amazing couple that raised money and rode in the race - Debra is a cancer survivor as well. It was a dinner with Lance Armstrong honoring the people who raised over $3,000, Lorie definitely being one of those people. Lance spoke, as well as a few others who raised record amounts for the cause. Sitting there next to her made me so very proud of her for doing what she can to help others while she is going through such a difficult time in her life. Hearing stories about other people made me want to jump out of my chair and tell everyone her story and the story of other cancer survivors that I know that I think are amazing, like my Mom. To me, these women embody what it means to "Livestrong" and have been an inspiration to me. I hope I tell them that enough.

Lorie was determined to ride in the 40 mile race on Sunday. She hasn't been feeling quite up to par, so first Matt agreed to ride next to her. As it got closer to the ride, we were all a little worried about her and were happy to hear when they decided to ride a tandom bike - and I have to say that they were by far the cutest couple I saw on the course - And I was very proud of Matt for hanging in there :) He informed a few of us later that he hadn't rode a bike in a while...apparently no training was required for him ! Dave, Debra, Lorie and Matt all wore Livestrong riding tops and they looked awesome - so official!

All in all it was a great weekend and I am so glad that I was able to be a part of it! Here are a few pics. I'm hoping to get a copy of Lorie's pictures as well, so hopefully I can add more soon. Check out Lorie's blog for more pictures - I'm sure they will be up soon :)

At the Livestrong Dinner.Lance Armstrong speaking after the race was over. It was pretty cool to get to be that close to someone like him! He's a looker :)
The foursome coming through the finish!!

My favorite picture - after the finish they had a bubble machine that everyone rode through.
The Rarricks (minus the little one). Their boys were SO excited!
Matt and Lorie after 40 miles. I can tell you that I would look a heck of a lot worse than that!Happy to be done!
A bicycle made for two...perfect!


JohnSelman said...

Deyna, I was updating my blog and went back to one of my other postings and saw a comment from you so I clicked on your blog. I have to tell you how inspirational you are! All of your postings are about how much you love your family and friends, and really living life to the fullest! You are such an amazing person and I know that everyone who interacts with you is better off for it!

Anonymous said...

it sounds like an amazing weekend. I am so proud of Lori and she is in my prayers! Love you!

LORIE said...

Thank you for sharing this story. I was thrilled to have you there!! I love you.

LORIE said...

I reread this. . . . I love you Deyna.

Shop Girl said...

Deyna...I am a friend of Lorie's, but sometimes read you posts and enjoy them. I am so proud of all of you who contributed to the Livestrong Challenge. :)

Anonymous said...

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